2D Galaxy Space Shooter

A 2D space shooter playable on PC that is similar to classic retro arcade games like Galaga. 

I finished and completed the 2D Game Development Course and developed all major gaming mechanics from scratch from player movement, enemies, spawn managers, powers, speed boosts, powers, effects, menus, UI, and more by using C# and Unity3D.  The project took 4 weeks for me to complete from start to finish.

Date: July, 2021

Voxel Leper (Ludum Dare 43 Entry)

My first ever game jam entry that help me realise my strengths and weaknesses but more importantly helped with my confidence to be open to feedback.

Ludum Dare Entry page with comments here

Date: December, 2019

Walking in Forest Demo

The goal of this project was to create an atmospheric exploration game in seven days. It helped me focus on the following elements:

  • Start small
  • Level design using Terrain Builder
  • Ability to modify assets 
  • Bring sounds to enhance the experience
  • Story Telling
  • Visual Style (Game’s style and colour)


Published Date: June, 2020

Detective VR

This exciting project was my first attempt at creating a game aimed towards a VR experience using Google Cardboard.

  • Understanding VR locomotion restrictions
  • Interaction
  • UI
  • Working with a team of Game Designers and an artist
  • Baked Lighting


Published Date: September, 2019

Harsh Night

This project was a final game jam of three working again with a Game Designer and Art. I gained value experience developing systems that tied in together

  • Developed system like Health, Inventory, Quest, Dialog
  • UI
  • Combat
  • Story telling
  • Pitching an idea
  • Game Technical Document writing
  • Sample of a presentation for weeks 1 to 4 here (8 weeks project)


Published Date: June, 2020

Project Mars

Your mission is simple, head to the surface, grab some samples and take them back to the orbiting station to prove once again that life does not exist on Mars. A point and click isometric adventure game where you guide an astronaut through a series of unpredictable events that leads to new discoveries.


Core Mechanics:

  • Character movement and interaction is controlled by “Point and Click”
  • Comical Linear Storyline
  • Puzzle solving
  • Models created in Magicvoxel > Blender
  • Mixamo for Rigging and animations

Published Date: TBA

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